Corporate Headshots Charleston,SC

June 5, 2021

A successful corporate headshot Charleston, SC 


  1. First and foremost, in order to have a successful corporate headshot, you must have the experience and knowledge. You are hiring a pro and one must be.

  2. Equipment If you do not have the proper lighting soft boxes and capturing equipment you cannot complete this punch list or goal.
  3. Settings again this goes with true knowledge and decades of experience.
  4. Lighting same as above no questions.
  5. Posing is crucial and one must know how to communicate and make this effortless for their client.
  6. Facial expressions are crucial for creating an effortless and mood-setting portrait
  7. Backdrop this is where a pro and an amateur shine as to the images you will receive. A pro will also excel in choosing the perfect backdrop.
  8. Makeup/Hair Style Probably should have been #1 because this is the base for a truly great portrait.
  9. Wardrobe to represent oneself well.
  10. Post production your art and your delivery. Again, this separates the amateur from the pro. What is your key signature for artistic and perfect portraits?

Finally, post-production is an art that separates amateurs from professionals and is crucial for delivering the perfect portrait. With the right investment, one can achieve the ultimate goal of capturing a great headshot and this is the recipe and what you invest your hard money for. Here is another great article 

Let’s create this magic.