Hollywood Portraits


The true Hollywood glamour portrait style involves the use of precise and dramatic lighting to create a specific mood. The subject typically has a serious or contemplative expression, and the lighting can be either low key or high key. A narrow depth of field is often used, and the final product should be a high-quality ...
Charleston Portraits


To achieve a successful Charleston Portrait we aim to capture your true self through a successful headshot. We work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, using the right lighting techniques, poses, and backgrounds to create stunning shots either at your home or on location. Our photographer, Michel, suggests incorporating the rich history ...


Studio portraits (Head Shots)  During this session, we offer a studio environment where you can have your portrait captured. We encourage clients to wear their first outfit and also allow them to have a second outfit portrait captured. Our Studio is located alongside the Aveda Lordis Loft Salon & Spa, which provides clients with the option of ...